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Giving Opportunities - Love Honduras

The Kingdom of God is moving forward in Central America! Below are areas in need of your support.

If you would like to give toward one of the opportunities listed below, please use the keyword(s) in the description/memo field so we know where to designate your gift.

Full-Time Missionaries

Josué and Mikayla are full-time missionaries to Central America. Although they love working with teams, their main passion is reaching out to the next generation, the children and the youth of Central America. Children’s ministry is a vital part of what Love Honduras does. Mikayla and Josué oversee and organize all the Kidz Club programs, and youth evangelism wherever the ministry goes. They work with the children in La Montaña de la Flor, in the garbage dumps, in poor neighborhoods, in the streets, in La Moskitia, in other small towns throughout Honduras. They also work in other countries in Central America. Children and their families everywhere are hearing the Gospel, being set free, receiving healing in their bodies, and experiencing the love of Jesus because of Kidz Club!

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Keywords: Lopez Missionaries

Missionaries to Montaña de la Flor

Love Honduras sent out these three young missionaries this month from three different nations to Montaña De La Flor – Tolupanes. They have been walking up to 4 hours to different communities to preach the Gospel. They have been preaching at evangelistic campfires, going door to door, and preaching on the streets. They have also been helping with the construction of a new church. God is using them in a powerful way. Lots of people have been giving their lives to Jesus and Jesus has been healing and setting lots of people free. Please keep them in your prayers. If you want to support them, you can give to them through the Buffalo Dream Center or through Love Honduras.

Keywords: 3 Missionaries

Church Plant

This couple graduated from the ROAR this past year. They are being sent out to plant a church this month. Love Honduras is helping support this church plant. You can join us. They need $400 a month to pay for a house where they are going to live and begin their church.

Keywords: Church Plant

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