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Full-Time Missionaries - Love Honduras

Josué and Mikayla are full-time missionaries to Central America. Mikayla is Pastor Eric and Michelle Johns’ daughter, and Josué is a young man from a very small town in Guatemala. When Mikayla was eighteen-years-old she went to Guatemala all by herself to learn Spanish. She worked as a full-time missionary in Guatemala for three years. She and Josué met each other while they were both volunteers at the same ministry.

In 2020, when Love Honduras Ministries was just getting started, Mikayla and Josué would go to Honduras with Pastor Michelle to help her pioneer the ministry. Nobody knew how big the ministry was going to become in such a short amount of time. As this team was going around preaching the Gospel, laying hands on the sick, and showing the love of Jesus to others the ministry quickly began to grow and expand. Doors of favor started to open for Love Honduras. Now, the ministry has become more established in the nation of Honduras and many churches from all over North America and Central America come to do short-term mission trips with Love Honduras. Mikayla and Josué are in charge of getting the mission house ready for the teams when they arrive. They help lead the missionary groups while they are out ministering and sharing the Gospel. Mikayla is an interpreter and interprets for all the teams that travel to Honduras. Josue is an interpreter in the making.

Although they love working with teams, their main passion is reaching out to the next generation, the children and the youth of Central America. Children’s ministry is a vital part of what Love Honduras does. Mikayla and Josué oversee and organize all the Kidz Club programs, and youth evangelism wherever the ministry goes. They work with the children in La Montaña de la Flor, in the garbage dumps, in poor neighborhoods, in the streets, in La Moskitia, in other small towns throughout Honduras. They also work in other countries in Central America. Children and their families everywhere are hearing the Gospel, being set free, receiving healing in their bodies, and experiencing the love of Jesus because of Kidz Club!

Their vision for the children and youth in Honduras does not stop at Kidz Club. God has also given them a big vision to start a home for the children that need to be rescued from dangerous situations. While they are waiting for that vision to come to pass, they both work full-time with Love Honduras. Although the ministry is more established than before there is still much pioneering and hard work to be done. When there are no missionary groups, Josué and Mikayla continue to reach the children and minister throughout the nation. They go to the red-light district to minister to the prostitutes and addicts and also to the families living in the garbage dumps. Josue and Mikayla also spend time preaching in different churches throughout the nation.


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